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The only thing more expensive than missing an opportunity is missing another one due to a continued lack of commitment, discipline and awareness.

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What Is It?

A refreshing and modern masterclass on everything you need to know about sales. With over 300+ video lessons and a continuously growing library of content, members of the Sales Academy enjoy full access to every course, live training sessions and a private member community.

Who Is It For?

We've worked with thousands of members from virtually every niche, industry and sector. If you talk to other people in order to earn an income, the Sales Academy will introduce you to more effective sales strategies and help you develop the confidence you've been looking for.

How Is It Different?

Unlike other online 'courses' and 'universities', Stupar Sales Academy provides today's sales professional with truly modern strategies that work in today's marketplace - not the ones that worked 30 years ago. Today's business landscape changes quickly, make sure you stay ahead of the curve.

Which Skills Do You Have Attention On?

What Do You Get With Stupar Sales Academy?

Access A Comprehensive Curriculum 

A massive library of relevant, actionable and strategic sales content awaits you. Our curriculum is updated on a weekly basis so you never miss a beat.

Join Our Amazing Community

Our eclectic community is comprised of professionals from every industry. Insurance specialists to private jet sales, new sales people to 8-figure business owners - trust us, it's not lonely at the top.

Connect With Your Teacher 2x/mo

Interact with your teacher and other Academy members during live training mastermind sessions. Get your questions answered & get more value.

Pricing Options Made Simple

Annual Membership


Save $1,000

  • Full, Unlimited Access To Stupar Sales Academy ($4,387 value!)
  • 300+ Video-Based Lessons
  • Downloadable Scripts & Templates
  • Member-Only Community Access
  • Access To Bi-Weekly Live Training
  • Immediate Access to New Content, Lessons & Updates
  • Stupar's Cashcards: Flashcards for Closers ($34.99 value!)
  • Follow-Up Black Book ($119 value!)
  • 30-Min Private Coaching Call With Jordan Stupar ($749 value!)

Annual Membership Monthly


12 monthly payments

  • Full, Unlimited Access To Stupar Sales Academy ($4,387 value!)
  • 300+ Video-Based Lessons
  • Downloadable Scripts & Templates
  • Member-Only Community Access
  • Access To Bi-Weekly Live Training
  • Immediate Access to New Content, Lessons & Updates 
  • Stupar's Cashcards; Flashcards for Closer's ($34.99 value!)
  • Follow-Up Black Book ($119 value!)

This is NOT an ad...

These are the last 5 pay stubs from my last sales job.

...then I left this job so I could help people do this...


Who is Jordan Stupar?

After an 18-year career as a salesperson and becoming a top 1% income earner, Jordan quit his insides sales job and founded his first company, Stupar Sales Academy in 2017. Since then, Jordan has started, scaled and sold 2 additional companies and continues to pursue his passion for helping thousands of salespeople and hundreds of teams implement more effective sales processes.

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I Know What You're Thinking...

Right now, your brain is doing a LOT of work. Your frontal cortex is casually processing all of this information in order to provide you with means to make the best decision moving forward.

From a logical, analytical standpoint, you know that investing in yourself is a good thing and that you will benefit from becoming a member.

However, your subconscious is quietly controlling you.

Instead of comparing the decision to join Stupar Sales Academy to all the good decisions you've made, your subconscious is comparing this decision with all the bad decisions you've made. 

You're going to look down at the pricing options below - and instead of clicking on whichever option makes the most sense to you - you're thinking...

You're thinking about all the books you've purchased - but never read.

You're thinking about that gym membership that you bought - but never went to.

You're thinking about the fruits and vegetables you buy - that you never eat.

You're thinking about all the classes and workshops you've attended - but forgot about because you didn't take notes.

If You Pass On This Opportunity...

It's not because you can't afford it.

It's not because you need to talk to your spouse.

It's not because you need to think about it.

It's not because you don't have enough information.

It's not because you don't think this will work for you.

It's because you don't think you're going to use it - just like those books on the shelf, that gym you never go to, those healthy foods you toss in the trash and all that information from those seminars you didn't take notes at.

The Decision Is Yours...

The quality of your life is simply a reflection of the quantity of quality decisions you make on a daily basis. 

You can decide to become a member of Stupar Sales Academy and gain hundreds of actionable sales techniques that you can use to become a more competent person, earn more money and provide a better lifestyle for those closest to you. 

Or you can decide to pass on this opportunity to update your brain's operating system and continue producing the same results that you have been.

So, What Are You Going To Do?


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